Sumatra Travel Guide

The third largest and westernmost island in the Indonesian archipelago, Sumatra is a grab bag of sprawling cities, traditional villages, cultural diversity, religious conservatism, immense natural beauty and exotic wildlife; all perched on one of the most seismically dangerous places on earth. ___ —– SUMATRA QUICK LINKS —–

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Kalimantan (Borneo) Travel Guide

Lok Baintan floating market, Martapura River, Banjarmasin

More popularly known as Borneo, Kalimantan is Indonesia’s 73% share of the world’s third largest island. Just the name Borneo conjures up all sorts of images of early European explorers wearing safari suits and pith hats whilst plying jungle rivers in dugout canoes. Yet for a place with so much mystique and a huge landmass…

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Java Travel Guide

Sunrise from Borobudur Temple overlooking the Kedu Plain

From modern megacities to ancient temples, steaming volcanoes to palm fringed beaches, amazing terraced farmlands to dense tropical jungle, Java is an island of contrasts and contradictions. It’s the kind of place that beguiles one minute and frustrates the next but never ceases to fascinate. ___ —– JAVA QUICK LINKS —–

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Bali Travel Guide

Early morning on Sanur Beach with Mt Agung in the background, Bali

Bali is barely more than a speck on the map yet this tiny island has a huge reputation. Since it’s “discovery” by a few intrepid surfers back in the late 1970’s, the island has earned itself a place in the hearts of millions of travellers around the world and there’s no sign of the love…

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