Pantar Island Trek

The natural attractions on Pantar’s southern ‘horn’ can be neatly incorporated into a 3 day trek. After climbing Mount Sirung on either one of the ascent routes trek over to the summit of neighbouring Mount Delaki (2-3 hours) and camp out on one of the open grassy areas near the summit. Don’t be surprised if you run into local villagers hunting deer with bow and arrows.

In the morning descend the northern flanks towards Aliadung Bay on the southwest coast. Trace the bay northwards to reach Alimake Village on the headland (approximately 6.5km, trekking time 3-4 hours). There’s some lovely beaches around the bay suitable for swimming or camping.

Head north along the road from Alimake through Koliabang towards Puntara Village. Where the road crosses a creek at about the 1.2km mark, follow the creek up to Salu Kalang waterfall. It’s fairly modest by Indonesian standards, only a 10m drop, and slows to a trickle late in the dry season but there’s a nice plunge pool to cool off in. Afterwards, retrace your route back to the road and continue northwards.

Pantar Tiga Warna beach, Alor ArchipelagoAt the edge of Puntara, you reach the very pretty and intriguing, three coloured beach called Pantai Pasir Tiga Warna. Although it appears red-brown from a distance, close up its apparent that the beach is actually composed of grains of sand that are red-brown, black and white. You’ll also notice that the sea here has a definite yellow green tinge. The cause of this unusual phenomenon is a little sulphur infused river that spills onto the three colour beach; it’s source is the foothills of Mount Sirung 6km’s away. Tracing the river back a short distance from the beach, you’ll find a small sulphur encrusted cascade. This leg, including the detour to the big waterfall, is around 6km.

There’s no accommodation in Puntaru or nearby villages so you will need to camp out or head straight back to Baranusa. It’s not far; only 15km’s takes an hour by ojek due to the poor condition of the road.

Including the Mt Sirung climb of day one and assuming a starting point from Kakamatua, the total distance for this trek is approximately 25km. This is indicative only as distances will vary depending on the actual route you take from Sirung to Delaki and down to Aliadung Bay as there is no one defined path. For much of it you will have to pick your own trail. The landscape is mostly open, thinly grassed woodland and in some places is rather barren and can be easily navigated by line of sight to the major landmarks on the route.

This trek can be comfortably completed in 3 days with plenty of time to look around and linger on days 2 and 3. A fast trekker making an early morning start from Delaki on day 2 could probably complete the entire trek in 2 days. Don’t forget to take plenty of water and provisions for the entire trek.

Via Kakamatua
Pantar Island, Alor Archipelago, Indonesia
2-3 days
Get there
Small boat and ojek
Need to know
Be self sufficient, take plenty of food and water

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