About us

RoamIndonesia is the brain child of an ordinary Australian couple who like to spend their holidays doing out of the ordinary things.

We’ve been travelling with our children to Indonesia and other SE Asian countries since our children were young. Along the way we’ve had some great family adventures, visited amazing places, glimpsed fascinating cultures and had some wildlife encounters that blew us away.

We’re not extreme adventurers nor do we have a lot of money. If we had to put a tag on ourselves we’re flashpacking soft adventurers. We won’t be cycling around the world but we will ride mountain bikes through villages and rice paddies in the Bali countryside. We aren’t likely to climb the Mattahorn but we will trek to the summit of an active volcano at sunrise to stare into its churning heart. Roasted rat from a market in Laos doesn’t tempt us but we’ll happily share cassava chips with our host family in a traditional Mangarraian village in Flores. Sometimes we do just want to kick back by the pool sipping on a cocktail while the kids swim and make new friends but it’s never long before we’re back exploring and searching for more hidden gems off the beaten track.

We love sharing our experiences and photos with other people and invariably the same comments and questions come up over and over again. OMG you guys are so adventurous! We’d love to do something like that BUT we’re waiting for the kids to grow up. We’d be too nervous. We wouldn’t know how to go about it. Where do you find out about the places you visit? How do you get there? How much does it cost? How do you find your way around? And so on…

RoamIndonesia is our attempt to help other travellers find a little inspiration and the know-how to get out there and create their own holiday memories as they explore the fabulous Indonesian Archipelago.